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Freemasonry has been active in England for well over 300 years and in Yorkshire for over 200 years. Administered by United Grand Lodge of England it is divided into Provinces, this being the Province of Yorkshire West Riding.

Within the province there are some 200 lodges with almost 6000 members. Most lodges meet once a month, with perhaps a 2 or 3 month break in Summer or Winter.

Meetings consist of a regular lodge meeting, which involves the lodge business interspersed with a short ceremony in the form of small playlets. Afterwards a meal follows either in the lodge building or a nearby local business. This is where the social side of freemasonry takes place with good food, good company and the odd drink for those who wish.

Freemasonry can be enjoyed by all and it is here that lifelong friendships are formed, by people who might never have met in normal circumstances. In addition most lodges hold social events where it is encourage to invite spouses and an annual ladies dinner dance is usually held.

Freemasonry is not a religious organisation and members are expressly forbidden to discuss religion or politics at our meetings. However to be a freemason members must believe in a supreme being for example the god of their faith. And we are delighted to say that we have members from every walk of life and faith. Freemasonry accepts men who are “free, of good report and of mature age”. This would mean a person who is Free in law and who a good person and of the age of 21 in most cases. It is often claimed that we take good men and make them better.

Freemasonry itself is founded on “Three Grand Principles”. Brotherly love, Relief and Truth (charity). Freemasons are incredibly active when it comes to charity and some will tell you that freemasons look after their own. They do! That is one of the duties of any civilised organisation, but in addition to this freemasons give millions each year to support local, national and international charities and good causes. In this Province Yorkshire we gave out more than 135 thousand pounds with 38 thousand going to one charity alone.

In this particular area of Yorkshire, Nidderdale has its own Masonic Lodge in Pateley Bridge, The Vale of Nidd Masonic Lodge. The Vale of Nidd was first Consecrated in 1928 and has been supporting the local community ever since with annual donations to local schools and charities. The Lodge endeavours to take part in local events such as the wreath laying on armistice day.

If you would like further information or are interested in becoming a Freemason Visit www.wrprovince.org.uk

Or for an informal chat locally with no commitment, please email info@valeofnidd.co.uk

It could be the best move you’ve ever made.

The Vale of Nidd Lodge, Making good men better since 1928