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So you're interested in joining us or perhaps re-joining. Well the first thing you need to do is have a look through this page.

Family first

We have a saying in Freemasonry: "Family First, Work Second and Freemasonry Third."

Any Mason will tell you that a journey through Freemasonry can only thrive when our wives/partners, our family and loved ones are supportive and involved.

The time you might afford to Freemasonry will be partly taken up by regular social, family and charitable events. These events are the backbone of all Masonic Lodges.

Read this Introduction to Freemasonry

So what do YOU know about Freemasonry?

Watch this short video and learn about what it means to be a Freemason, the value Masons put on charity and find out a little more about thousands of Masonic soft teddies that everyone is talking about.

Video © United Grand Lodge of England 2014
More videos are available to view on our Gallery page

If you are Interested in Joining please visit our Contact Page or click the link below

Fun with friends for life

Freemasonry is about building meaningful and fun-filled relationships with like-minded individuals.

The social events and get-togethers that fill the Masonic calendar will undoubtedly lead to new friendships, friendships that span differing age ranges and social groups.

The bonds you can forge in Freemasonry's openly friendly environment will last a lifetime.

Like Minded

Any man over the age of 21 may join Freemasonry regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or socio-economic position in society, although he is expected to have a Faith.

​In Freemasonry, you will find a fun-loving group of like-minded individuals.​ ​

I have spoken to many people about becoming a Freemason. Without exception they all believed that they had to be invited to join. This is not true and quite the opposite. If you wish to join then make your move and send us an email. Click the link below

Re-joining Freemasonry

Are you thinking about re-joining Freemasonry but don’t know any local Freemasons?

If you have become unattached for whatever reason, recently moved into the Nidderdale area, were perhaps a member of a University Lodge and, having returned home, not yet joined your local Lodge, we can help you. Just click on the link below to re-start your Masonic journey.